Activities for the whole family

Activities for the whole family

Tours for the general public at the Agam Art Museum

Jacob Agam’s art, as well as his conception of art education, invites and stimulates the visual knowledge that is required of every person, but unfortunately is often pushed aside to  make room for verbal knowledge. Creativity, the experience of reality and the unexpected, different perspectives, Jewish symbolism and of course the techniques behind the kinetic work on the seam between art, science and technology.

The tours of the museum provide a dialogue and experience, encourages a multiplicity of opinions and emphasizes on the one hand the fact that art is a universal language, and on the other hand the unique and revolutionary qualities of Agam’s work.

His colorful, dynamic and timeless works fascinate both children and adults.
There will be permanent and changing exhibitions at the museum, that reflect the perspective of Agam’s works designed for families and children. It is recommended to take note of advertisements and keep up to date with the museum’s front desk counter: 03-5555900

Independent activities in the galleries:

We invite visitors to become part of the artworks presented in the Multimedia hall by sitting on the colorful cubes or arranging them differently and observing them from different angles.

Digital Art – In recent years, Agam has created interactive digital works, five of which are in the main gallery. You are invited to experiment and create your own works of art!

Family tours: “The time capsule” – what are the sources of art and how did the kinetic movement begin?
A unique and intriguing tour combined with an operating kit, during which we learn about the work of Jacob Agam and his perspective, and trace the sources of kinetic art.
The tour can be conducted independently or accompanied by a guide with advance registration and an additional NIS 5 per participant beyond the cost of the entrance ticket.

The Art workshop experience – In the unique workshop space of the museum located on the lower floor, children are invited to experience and create in the spirit of Agam’s works.
The activities are open to the public at regular times advertised at the entrance to the museum. Activities need to be reserved in advance.

Agamigul – A guided creative activity in which the children experience one of the artists’ print techniques that takes place in the museum’s workshop area.
For children aged 3-12, children under age 6 must be accompanied by an adult. Additional fee of NIS 15.

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